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Where to Find Business News


Business news is the latest information about a company’s financial performance, including stock prices, earnings reports and other important financial data. This type of news is often reported in newspapers and magazines, both online and in print. Online, you can also find business news in trade publications that focus on specific industries. These publications are usually not published as frequently as general news outlets.

A company’s business is the activity of producing and selling goods or services to customers for profit. A business can be large or small, with a variety of structures, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Businesses can be involved in a number of industries, such as agriculture, technology and real estate. The word business is derived from the verb ‘to be busy’, and it has come to mean productive activity.

The term business is also used to describe a particular industry, such as the computer business or automobile business. A company’s business may be defined by the industry in which it is active, but some companies are known as’multi-businesses’ because they have several lines of business in different industries. For example, the Microsoft Corporation has a software business, a hardware business and a gaming business.

The main source of business news is newspapers and magazines. Both online and in print, these sources cover major national and international events that affect the world of business. Some of these publications may have special sections for small business, with articles and tips on managing a small business. In addition, many of the main business news websites feature articles and blogs that can be helpful to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

A person can also get business news by subscribing to business newsletters or following social media accounts of major business publications. These can provide regular updates about new products and developments in the business world.

Another source of business news is television and radio, both online and on traditional networks. This can be a good source of business news, because it can provide a range of perspectives from across the country and around the world. A business can also be found on podcasts, which can be a convenient way to listen to the latest news in the business world.

The Library of Congress has a wide variety of print and microform business news sources. To learn more about these resources, see the Business News Research Guide. You can also Ask-A-Librarian for additional help with business news research. This service is available via email from anywhere in the world. The librarian can recommend print and web sources of business news based on your specific research needs. Most international business news sources will offer coverage of both U.S. and worldwide events, but you may need to adopt more specialized search strategies for finding regional business news.