What Is Law New?


Law New is a catchall industry term for new legal services, including firms, startups and law firm subsidiaries augmenting traditional legal services. It is often used in conjunction with terms such as legal tech, legal ops and alternative legal services providers (ALSPs). However, law new is more than a buzzword for innovation; it has the potential to produce change that benefits customers and society at large.

A well-conceived plan making use of various forms of law new could benefit a legal firm by creating a new source of revenue without impacting other areas of the practice that might be the primary focus of the company’s efforts. It is important for all lawyers to understand the concept of law new and how it can be used to their advantage.

Organizes free legal research websites, search engines and databases for US and Canadian law. Includes links to dictionaries, treatises, law journals and other publications in print and electronic form.

This bill would require City agencies to promptly disclose information about security breaches involving persons’ private, personal information to the Office of the Chief Privacy Officer, and other relevant New York City departments and offices. It would also amend the existing law relating to data breach notification requirements to be more consistent with New York State’s SHIELD Act.

In a legal world where the customer/end-user experience is king, fit-for-purpose technology must be integrated with and not lead the delivery process. Legal tech cannot be an end unto itself for many “legal techies.” It must be part of a larger strategic plan reverse-engineered from the end-user perspective and delivered by a team consisting of legal practitioners, process/project managers, allied legal professionals, and data analysts.

An international, nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting excellence and fairness in the practice of law and providing education and information about the law to the public and the legal profession. The Association also encourages the development of professional skills and standards for its members.

Provides access to New York State laws, regulations, court decisions and other legal documents. Users can browse and search the full text of laws passed in the current legislative session, as well as laws that were enacted or vetoed in previous sessions.

Contains the Constitution, statutes, and other laws of the State of New York, as well as the rules and regulations of the State’s courts. The collection of laws, regulations, and other legal documents is continually updated.

This law collection indexes all statutory materials published in New York since 1995, plus selected federal publications and court decisions prior to 2005. It is organized by topic and by jurisdiction, and includes full text of statutes and case law, statutory footnotes, cross-referenced table of contents, and indexes of articles and legal dictionary entries. It is a valuable reference tool for legal researchers. Search by keyword, or choose a category to the left to browse by topic. Users can also limit their search to specific publications.