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What Is Entertainment?

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Entertainment is any activity which offers pleasure to an audience. It may take the form of a play, music, visual art, or even a sporting event. It can be active or passive, but generally involves a large group of people. The term comes from the Old French word entretenir, which means to gather together. Since it originally meant “to entice people to stay together,” it has become synonymous with any activity that engages an audience.

Entertainment is anything that gives pleasure to an audience

Entertainment includes a variety of activities, including performing art, sports, and games. It may be public or private and may involve a scripted or spontaneous performance. Many forms of entertainment have been around for centuries, evolving over time as technology, fashion, and culture have changed. Some of the oldest forms of entertainment are still in use today, while others have fallen out of fashion and become serious sports.

Some forms of entertainment are uplifting in a moral and intellectual sense. Six seasons of The Sopranos probably didn’t produce much intellectual uplift, while older shows probably didn’t inspire much interest. Entertainment may also have no redeeming value, such as video games. It can range from Tetris to Solitaire to a Madden NFL franchise.

Entertainment also serves a practical purpose: it diverts people from the stresses in their daily lives. When people are entertained, they release endorphins, a hormone that can relieve feelings of pain or stress. These endorphins have the ability to bring people happiness and joy. In addition, people can entertain themselves through various hobbies and interests. These activities can stimulate the creative side of the mind.