Types of News

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There are many different types of News. There are Professional News Models and Community Models, and each model focuses on the effect a story will have on a certain audience. These models focus on the way in which an event or story is presented and analyzed, and how the audience will react. In general, the Mirror Model states that news should accurately reflect reality. The Organizational Model, also known as the Bargaining Model, focuses on applying pressure to governmental processes. The Political Model outlines that news represents the ideological biases of people and various political pressures.

Stories with a strong impact

Often, readers are influenced by the stories that impact them. Stories that have a powerful impact are more likely to gain coverage in the media. These stories are also relatable and timely. Depending on the genre, they can be particularly engaging. Listed below are examples of stories that have a powerful impact. Let’s look at each of them to find out what makes them so powerful. Read on to discover how you can use these models to craft your own stories that are compelling and effective.

Investigative and science journalism are particularly challenging in Africa. For example, Joys Kimani, a Kenyan journalist, recently reported on the impact of China’s ivory ban and its impact on conservation. She demonstrated her research methods and advised the class on field survival. She also revealed the obstacles she faced as a woman reporting from Africa. We congratulate all of them for their hard work. Stories with a strong impact are important in any context, but are especially powerful in empowering audiences to act on the information they receive.

Stories that are familiar and local

Stories that are familiar and local are those whose setting is local or familiar to the listener. They usually revolve around relationships and the central character grows in experience throughout the story. Some are humorous while others follow the typical patterns of daily life. Often they are told over a short period of time but may also take place over several decades. In any case, they are easy to connect with. There are many types of stories that fall into this category.

Stories that are timely

To attract readers, news stories have to be timely. These stories happen today, tomorrow, or within a few days. Breaking news and feature stories are examples of this type of story. The news peg is clear, and feature stories often give more in-depth information about the event, or look at the personality behind the main story. Whether the story is timely is up for debate, but the main point is to get people talking about the topic.