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The Importance of Technology in Education



Education is one of the most vital social activities. It not only helps develop a person’s intellectual capacities, but also changes the person’s behaviour. It also helps in eradicating poverty and bringing social equality. Education gives citizens an intellectual outlet to develop their decision-making abilities, and it prepares children for life in the future. It also makes people independent in social aspects and self-reliant. Education is an essential part of any society, and it is one of the most effective ways to ensure a better life for people.

Horace Mann

Horace Mann is one of the most influential people in the history of education. He was a renowned American teacher, who devoted his career to helping students become successful. His ideas and methods are still used today, but they have changed considerably over the years. He has received many awards for his work, and he remains one of the most influential people in the field.

Technology’s influence on education

In developing countries, technology has played an increasingly important role in delivering education outside the school. Radio, television, and online and mobile platforms have been widely deployed. However, in low-income countries, the majority of children were not able to access these educational technologies. Indeed, a recent study by the World Bank, UNESCO, and UNICEF found that 50% of the population in low-income countries did not attend school at all. These findings point to the need for more educational technologies.

Technology can also improve learning by making it easier for students to access content they need. It can help teachers provide learning activities that are tailored to individual students’ needs. For example, a student can pause a recorded lecture and watch it again to ensure they understand the concepts being taught. Once they have mastered the concepts, they can move on to the next lesson. In addition, learning platforms can provide teachers with aptitude reports and allow teachers to track the progress of students.