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Gambling Terminology

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Gambling games Gambling terminology

The language of gambling includes a variety of terms, and many of these terms are superstitions or descriptions of personal experiences. It can be helpful to learn a glossary of common terms by using online glossaries. These resources also provide information on common terms, like the odds of winning a game.

Glossary of terms

There are several terms and concepts that are important for a gambling game player. These include the equity of hands or ranges of hands, and expected value, which indicates how profitable a game is expected to be in the long term. A glossary of gambling terms will help players understand these concepts and the rules governing them.

Common terms

In gambling, there are several terms that are used commonly. One of the most common is “session,” which refers to the amount of time a player spends playing a game. Other terms commonly used in gambling include “fish,” “nosebleed,” and “number pool.” In terms of bingo, number pools vary from one to seventy-five; in keno, they range from one to eighty. Another term that may be helpful to know is “odds,” which refers to the chance that a player will win a prize based on the number of balls that are drawn.


Craps is a game of chance that is played with two dice. Each player can make one or more bets. Each bet has an expected value. In the short run, a player will generally lose more money than win. However, lucky players can run up wins for a while. Over time, winning streaks will fade away. However, a player can reduce his average losses by choosing the bets with the lowest house advantage.

Craps table game

Craps table game gambling terminology includes “come bet,” “don’t pass bet,” and “pass line.” Regardless of which type of bet you make, you need to understand what these terms mean. For example, a come bet is a bet that pays off if both dice have the same value.

Table games

The term ‘table game’ can refer to a variety of gambling games that are played on a table. The most common table game is poker. Other table games include roulette and blackjack.


Blackjack is a casino card game. There are several different rules and terminology used to describe the game. The first rule is that the dealer must show only one card to the players. The other rule is to play according to the dealer’s cards. The dealers will have one visible card and one hole card.