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The Daily News – New York City News


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The Daily News is a tabloid newspaper published in New York. It has a circulation of over 200,000 copies. They are a major source of news for the five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Among the newspaper’s features are classified ads, sports coverage, celebrity gossip, and opinion columns. Their interactive edition is available on computers and mobile devices. These versions feature an enhanced reading experience, as well as other interactive features.

While the paper is primarily known for its coverage of politics, crime, and other social issues, they also have a strong focus on sports. They have won several awards, including a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

The Daily News is a part of the Tribune Publishing company. Alden Global Capital owns nearly one-third of the shares of the publicly traded company. This is the same company that owns the Orlando Sentinel and the Morning Call in Allentown, PA. In addition to owning newspapers, they also own a radio station, WPIX. However, they recently announced that the Orlando Sentinel would be discontinued.

For a long time, the Daily News was a prominently Republican newsroom. But that changed when the paper began shifting its editorial focus to be more liberal. As a result, they are now known for being an “anti-Trump” newspaper. That’s a bit of a oxymoron.

The Daily News has been around for over a century. Although the paper started out as a tabloid, it eventually shifted into a conservative, moderate, and liberal newspaper. During the 1940s, the paper espoused conservative populism. Afterwards, they became a highly successful newspaper.

The Daily News has won numerous awards for their reporting, including several Pulitzers. Their editors have also received numerous honors. One of these awards was a ‘Best Use of Data’ award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Another award was for their feature writing.

In 2017, the Daily News was sold to a new owner, Tribune Publishing. A group of former employees of the paper fought to save the publication. After the paper was bought by Tronc for $1, they agreed to assume the paper’s liabilities. Afterwards, the newsroom was cut in half. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many Daily News journalists worked from home.

The Daily News has a history of covering the five boroughs. It has earned international recognition for its coverage of events. Some of their most popular stories include the AIDS epidemic, Hurricane Sandy, and the death of New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio.

They have been awarded the Sidney Hillman Foundation Award for Social Justice Reporting. And the Daily News has won 11 Pulitzers for their coverage of the news. Other notable writers include Haidee Chu, who previously worked for The New York Times and NPR. She is from Hong Kong and specializes in data and data visualization.

Previously, she reported on transportation policy and environmental policy for Politico New York. Currently, she is a member of the THE CITY team, which covers the five boroughs. Also, she is an associate editor for the paper.