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New Law for Lawyers

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Law is constantly changing and as a result, lawyers must always be ready to embrace new ideas at every turn. One area of law that is gaining popularity is called “law new.” This term can be difficult to pin down but essentially it refers to the practice of offering legal services in different ways than has traditionally been done. This can include working with underserved communities, finding new ways to help clients and creating strategies that aren’t always part of standard legal practice.

In the event that state or federal laws or regulations enacted after the date of this agreement, or decisions issued by a court of competent jurisdiction prevent or preclude compliance with the provisions of the Act, then the Town may modify or suspend these provisions as necessary. The Town shall not be liable for any cost or loss incurred as a result of such modification or suspension.

The laws of the State of New York, including the Constitution, laws passed by the Legislature and periodically codified in the Consolidated Laws, and decisions of courts that interpret these laws. New York also has local laws, ordinances, and rules that govern the conduct of its people and businesses.

Governor Hochul signed legislation today to protect consumers from medicine price-gouging during a public health crisis, curb predatory subscription services and prohibit hospitals, health care professionals and certified ambulances from reporting medical debt to credit agencies. According to a recent study, 740,000 New Yorkers have medical debt reported to credit agencies, and individuals of color are twice as likely and low-income individuals three times as likely to have such debt referred to a credit agency. These new laws will stop the unfair and unnecessary practice of referring medical debt to credit agencies, helping New Yorkers obtain jobs, secure credit, rent homes and build long-term wealth.