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What is the Meaning of Entertaiment?



What does the word entertaiment mean? We looked up the definition in the Cobuild dictionary and found some examples. Here, we’ll discuss the meaning of entertaiment and some examples of sentences that contain the word. You’ll also find the definition of entertaiment in other languages. The definition of entertaiment is a little more complex. If you want to learn more about entertaiment, check out our glossary of English words.

English Cobuild dictionary

An English Cobuild dictionary is a useful tool for learning the language. It features over six million words, including thousands of new entries each week, and more than six million references. The dictionary uses a large database of English texts called The Bank of English. The dictionary is the perfect tool for beginners and advanced learners of the English language. The dictionary features thousands of examples to illustrate word meanings. The dictionary is also useful for those seeking entertainment.

Meaning of entertaiment

What is the meaning of entertaiment? Entertainment is a form of amusement that is intended to distract from the seriousness of everyday life. The definition of entertainment is varied, ranging from a clown at a birthday party to an arena rock concert, and even a game of cat and mouse. While the term originates from the French word entretenir, which means to hold together, it soon became associated with hospitality and keeping guests happy. The modern meaning of entertain includes a broad range of forms of entertainment, from visual to auditory, including theatre, music, and visual arts.

In its most basic sense, the word entertainment is a means of amusing, pleasing, or diverting people. In its most basic sense, entertainment refers to the act of providing good cheer, accommodation, diversion, and relaxation. It is also a form of celebration. It is a positive way to celebrate the success of a person’s endeavors. It helps individuals develop their skills and interests in the hospitality industry. Entertainment also helps the host learn to cook various kinds of food, serving it to guests, and improving their skills in the kitchen. It also helps them unwind from the pressures of the day and allows them to enjoy the moment.

Examples of entertaiment

The term “entertainment” is often associated with fun and amusement, but it can serve a serious purpose as well. It can be a religious celebration, a ceremony, or satire that encourages intellectual growth. And the definition of entertainment is incredibly broad. Examples of entertainment include:

There are many forms of entertainment, including live performances, digital media, performing arts, and social gatherings. A website that provides entertainment will often feature a form asking the visitor to specify their interests or choose from a menu of categories. Regardless of its source, there is always a way to make entertainment fun for everyone. And with the world’s wide availability of online entertainment, it’s never been easier to find the right kind of entertainment for yourself or your family.