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What Is News? Part 2

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The first part of our series on the development of media focuses on the question: What is news? And how can it be judged? This article outlines the various factors that determine the value of news. Next, we will examine the role of money and the media in determining the importance of news. Ultimately, we will look at the importance of news for our society. To get the most from news, we must understand how we value it. We’ll also explore what it means to be a newsmaker.

Value of news in society

How can you assess the “news value” of an event? Sociologists have looked at the role of news in societal life. They found that news is not a neutral reflection of society’s major events. It is rather the result of a series of selective processes – journalists are gatekeepers – that determine the newsworthiness of an event. In this paper, we explore some of the factors that determine the news value of an event.

Factors that determine news value of information

A story’s news value is determined by five factors. It must be timely and have some counterintuitive element. This is because news stories are often more interesting when they are fresh, and newsworthy information is not old. Factors that determine news value include the interest of readers, competition, and the timeliness of the story. For instance, a story about an environmental disaster that is several years old is not likely to get as much attention as one about a new product that is available a few months ago.

Influence of media on news values

When determining what is newsworthy, journalists and editors must consider the different types of media. Stories that are viewed as “newsworthy” are often those that are immediately impactful, or that occur in a moment. Stories that are reported quickly and without further context are more likely to garner attention, while stories that are reported over time are more likely to be discarded. Even if a story is good, it may still be too negative to be newsworthy.

Influence of money on news values

Many scholars have argued that the influence of money on news values can be seen both on the supply and demand sides of the equation. In the former case, the value of news depends on the quantity of the audience, while on the latter, it is determined by the type of content and political opinions. The low barrier to entry for traditional news outlets leads to more competition and lower profit margins for the news industry. However, the increasing heterogeneity of news content leads to a lower barrier to entry.

Impact of violence

Exposure to media violence has been associated with a wide range of mental and physical health effects, including aggressive behavior, depression, sleep disturbance, and a desensitization to violence. Even in children, repeated exposure to violent content may lead to increased aggressive behavior and other problems. Children are particularly susceptible to mimicking violent images and behavior, and long-term exposure to violence may lead to desensitization and fear. The effects of violent media are not always immediately apparent, however.

Relevance of stories

How do you determine the relevance of news stories? First, consider your audience’s location. Stories about a particular country or city may be more relevant to an audience based in that country than those about an entirely different one. A local weather report, for example, would be more relevant to residents of that area than a national outlook. Similarly, local news coverage may be more pertinent to a group in the United Kingdom than to a group in the United States.