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The Daily News is an American tabloid newspaper published in New York City. It is a morning daily newspaper and was the first successful tabloid in the United States. It is known for sensational coverage of crime, scandal, and violence, lurid photographs, and cartoons.

The paper’s main focus is on New York City, and it is well sourced with hard-hitting journalism. The paper leans left and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

It also covers the Yankees, Mets, and Giants, and it is one of the top New York sports newspapers. The paper’s reporters are devoted to getting the truth and finding out what really happened. That is why people trust the Daily News to be accurate.

In addition to covering the local scene, the newspaper has national and international politics, business news, celebrity gossip, and entertainment news. It is one of the best-known and most popular newspapers in America. The newspaper’s writers are a mix of men and women who come from many different backgrounds. Most of them have worked for the Daily News for many years. The newspaper has a large staff of lawyers whose job is to make sure the newspaper does not get sued for publishing false news.

The newspaper was founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson as the Illustrated Daily News. It was the first tabloid newspaper in the United States and once had the highest circulation of any daily newspaper in the world. It was sold to Tronc in 2017 for $1.

Aside from being a major source of news for the general public, it is also used by schools to teach students about current events. Many students use the newspaper to prepare for college and graduate school, as well. The Daily News is not only a source of information, but it is also a great source of history.

The New York Daily News is a newspaper based in New York, and is owned by Tribune Publishing Company. It was once the largest newspaper in the United States, and is now the second largest newspaper in New York City. It was the first tabloid newspaper in America, and has long been a staple of the New York city area. The newspaper has a reputation for being an accurate and reliable source of information, and it has been a trusted name in journalism for decades.

It is an important part of the cultural fabric of New York City, and it is a great resource for both residents and visitors to the city. The newspaper has a large staff of journalists who are dedicated to uncovering the truth and sharing it with their readers. The newspaper is always on the lookout for breaking news in the city and around the world. It has a long tradition of reporting on New York’s finest, as well as the worst. The newspaper is available online and in print, and it has a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.