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Relationships 101



Relationships are part of being human and have a variety of benefits and drawbacks. While our biological need to connect with others guides us in our efforts to form and maintain relationships, they also require open and honest communication. As such, it is crucial to understand your own needs and feelings before engaging in any relationship.

Relationships can be positive or negative

A relationship is a connection between two people, whether it be romantic or not. It may also involve family or friends. While the term “being in a relationship” has many associations with romantic relationships, it doesn’t necessarily mean that both parties are emotionally attached or committed. A relationship may be positive or negative, depending on how it evolves.

Negative relationships are more likely to disrupt a person’s mind, spirit, emotion, and body. Knowing the signs of a negative relationship will help you prevent it. For instance, if two people are often angry, tense, or furious, there’s a high likelihood that the relationship is negative. These negative feelings can accumulate over time and lead to a person becoming ill or alienated.

They are a part of being a human being

The concept of relations is fundamental to all human interaction. The human person is one of the most social animals on the planet. This trait has been evidenced as far back as thousands of years ago. It has been expressed in scripture, poetry, music, and bestselling novels. Regardless of the nature of human relationships, there is a universal need for human beings to form close and meaningful bonds with other living things.

They require open and honest communication

Communication is a key ingredient to a healthy relationship. However, many organizations lack this fundamental tool for effective working. Research shows that 80% of workplace problems can be traced to poor communication. This is why it is essential for executives and employees to communicate honestly with one another. It’s important to communicate effectively to avoid misunderstandings, conflicts, and a lack of trust.

While some people might be tempted to shy away from conflict, this does not serve the long-term relationship. Avoiding conflict will only lead to bigger issues down the road. Additionally, avoidance of conflict may result in the relationship becoming toxic over time.

They can be toxic

Relationships can be toxic if you feel like you’re constantly being judged and controlled by your partner. You may feel anxious, sad, and uneasy, and you may even feel envious of other people’s relationships. If you feel that way, you should probably reevaluate your relationship.

Toxic people are hyper-focused on themselves and cannot see the needs or feelings of others. You may share your deepest thoughts and emotions with this person, only to be met with apathy and redirection. They might try to one-up you or dismiss important things.