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Law New: Staying Ahead of the Curve

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Law new is a term used to describe alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) and law firm subsidiaries that augment traditional legal services through innovative strategies. It is also often used as a term to distinguish these legal service providers from law firms operating in a more traditional setting, though that distinction can be difficult to make because each legal service provider has its own unique model.

The idea of a “law new” is also useful for the legal profession because it helps to keep law firms up to date on their practice options and how they may be able to provide their clients with the best possible service. New law practices typically rely on a diverse staff that includes individuals who are not on the partnership track and operate in non-traditional settings that may include client offices, coworking spaces, or even at home.

A well-conceived law new practice can help a legal firm discover new ways to deliver value to its clients, increase revenue and profits, and even offer more opportunities to the community. It can serve as a secondary focus for the firm, helping it to grow and thrive, while still providing the type of support that clients need in their day to day lives.

For example, a law new approach that offers bankruptcy counseling can be a tremendous help to people who are struggling with debt, and yet it does not compete with the firm’s more traditional practice areas such as divorce or personal injury. This can lead to a more efficient, effective and valuable legal service that is more likely to attract and retain high quality clients.

In addition, a law new strategy can help a legal firm stay ahead of the curve on new laws and regulations that are passed or updated by the City. This can be particularly important in the current climate of rapid change that is being experienced in all sectors of society, including the legal industry.

For example, recent updates to the City’s bail reform law require court administrators to collect and publicly report information about people charged with crimes and their pretrial release, including demographic and criminal history information, details of the charged crimes, details of how they are being released, whether or not cash bail is being imposed, the number of times they fail to appear in court and their rate of rearrest, the length of their pretrial custody, and case outcomes.