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How to Write a Business News Article


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Business news is information about a variety of topics related to the world of commerce. It covers subjects such as mergers and acquisitions, stock market fluctuations, new products, economic trends, and a host of other relevant topics. Business news articles typically use facts to convey the information and may include opinions, but are usually written in a non-patronizing tone. When writing a business news article, consider the target audience and the type of information that would be most pertinent to them.

Start with a strong headline. A snappy, informative headline will catch the attention of readers and help them determine whether or not to read the story. Headlines should not be cluttered with numbers or placed in the past tense, and they should use a descriptive verb to entice the reader. If a business news article is being written for a general publication, the headline should be broad enough to appeal to a large number of people. A business news article for a specific industry or community should be tailored to that audience, with a more narrowly focused headline.

Write a brief introduction that gives background and context to the subject of the business news article. This should be followed by a summary of the key points in the article. This is a great opportunity to highlight any important figures that may be included in the article, such as percentage increases or decreases. Including these figures will give the article more credibility and will enable readers to relate to the facts in the article.

Present the main facts of the business news article in a logical order. This will help to keep the article succinct and make it easy for the reader to understand. It is also a good idea to include any additional facts that can enhance the article. This can be anything from contact information to quotes from sources – the more information that is included, the better.

Provide a balanced view of the topic in the body of the article. This will allow readers to form their own opinion, even if it is different from yours. It is also a good idea to provide information about opposing viewpoints to the main point of your article.

A well-written business news article will conclude with a restatement of the lead and a statement of any future developments that might be impacted by the topic. This will ensure that your article is complete and that the reader has all the information they need to form an informed opinion.

Skye Schooley is a staff writer at Business News Daily where she creates content to aid small businesses with human resources issues. She uses her experience in business operations to research and write articles that are both informative and relatable. She is an avid reader of both B2B and B2C content, and enjoys writing articles that make business owners think.

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