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Gloria Bornstein Studio, LLC

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Gloria Bornstein Studio, LLC is an artist’s studio. Whether you’re an individual or an art collector, you’ll find that GBS works on a variety of projects. These projects include public art commissions, sculptures, and public installations. Here are some examples of GBS’s public art commissions.

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The International Fountain was created by the Gloria Bornstein Studio, and two bronze whales appear to swim in the lawn surrounding it. The bronze whales’ smooth backs rise above concrete pavers that have been inlaid with patterns that resemble water. The sculptures heighten the feeling of traveling beneath the grounds of the Center. In addition, the sculpture pays homage to Native American mythology about the ancient underground spring that allowed whales to move from Lake Union to Ellot Bay. The mother whale’s cast-concrete tail is carved with the Native American language Lushootseed.

gloria bornstein’s public art commissions

Two bronze whales, inlaid with Native American language, swim across the lawn bordering the Seattle Center’s International Fountain. The smooth, broad backs of the whales add to the feeling of traveling beneath the Center’s grounds. The sculpture’s design references Native American myths about the ancient underground spring where whales traveled from Ellot Bay to Lake Union. The mother whale’s cast-concrete tail is inscribed with the Lushootseed language.

gloria bornstein’s Lake Tye sculpture

One of the many reasons to visit Gloria Bornstein Studio’s Lake Tye sculpture is the whimsical children’s garden. Nestled among decorative rocks and native plants, this garden is home to playful sculptures of sea creatures and animals. A plaque at the site describes the sculptures as being created by Bornstein in 2002.

The sculpture was created by Gloria Bornstein, who was initially drawn to Lake Tye due to its popularity, versatility, and beauty. The sculpture combines profiles of iconic Monroe women, a cumulonimbus cloud, and other elements to enhance the beauty of downtown Monroe. The sculpture was originally created as part of the city’s 1 Percent for Art program, which requires developers to dedicate a percentage of the funds spent on capital improvement projects to public art. It was commissioned by local families, and was spearheaded by local attorney Bob Fairfax.