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Gloria Bornstein Studio in Monroe, NC

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If you have been looking for a unique sculpture to add to your lawn, then look no further than Gloria Bornstein’s studio. These pieces include the Lake Tye sculpture, Neototems Children’s Garden, Striptease, and the Lake Tye Sculpture. These pieces are both functional and decorative, and have great versatility. Located in Monroe, NC, Gloria Bornstein’s sculptures are sure to make a lasting impression.

Lake Tye sculpture

A beautiful piece of public art is a must-see attraction in Monroe. The sculpture, called Storm Patterns, is made of stainless steel and is positioned on the eastern shore of Lake Tye. It is a four-foot-high, five-foot-wide sculpture. It was commissioned as part of the city’s 1 Percent for Art program, which sets aside 1 percent of a capital improvement project’s budget for public art. It was created during construction of the Monroe Correctional Complex, which houses a maximum custody unit.

The Seattle-based public artist Gloria Bornstein was selected from more than 100 portfolios submitted by local artists for this project. She met with the Art Selection Committee three times, presented her preliminary concept and final proposal, and toured Monroe on several occasions. Bornstein had a particular interest in Lake Tye, and she observed the variety of activities occurring there. The sculpture, which will stand near the shore, is intended to serve as an important focal point for the city’s downtown.

Neototems Children’s Garden

The Neototems Children’s Garden by the Gloria Bornstein Studio is a beautiful place to bring children. Located near the Seattle Children’s Theatre, the garden is designed by an award-winning sculptor. The sculptural pod of whales is inspired by an ancient Native American legend, and includes a large bronze whale and a five-foot baby whale tail fountain.

This whimsical garden features a variety of imaginative creatures, shady trees, and areas to sit and climb. The Neototems Children’s Garden is located near the Children’s Museum and the Pacific Science Center, and the Space Needle, an iconic landmark in Seattle. The children will love exploring the gardens while learning about the local ecology. In addition to the gardens, the park also features a mural by Gloria Bornstein Studio.

Collaboration with gloria bornstein

The artwork produced by the Gloria Bornstein Studio is based on the rural history of the San Jose area. In 1962, Emma Prusch left the 47-acre land to the City of San Jose as a bequest. The deed specified that the park would be a place for relaxation and have the feel of a rural county. The artwork depicts a rooster, windmill, and apple. The fruit and leaves motif is interspersed throughout the composition.