Entertaiment is the term used to describe entertainment business activities. It is sometimes abbreviated as entmt and is most commonly used in the entertainment industry. It is also used as a shorthand notation in TV news banners and headlines. The term, however, is not used in general prose.

Entertaiment means to amuse

The verb amuse is used to describe the act of amusing someone. In general, amusing someone involves doing things that make them laugh or feel happy. This helps them avoid boredom. For example, an amusing person will be able to make others laugh at his or her expense.

It means to amuse

The word “entertainment” is used to describe activities designed to entertain people. This verb is often used as a synonym for the word “regaling,” meaning to make one feel good. It is also used to describe things that are entertaining and cause great mirth.

Amusement is the state of being happy, joyful, or laughing. It is a positive emotion associated with high physiological arousal. Laughter is one of the most common expressions of amusement. But what does it actually mean to amuse someone? Regardless of the definition, the main goal of amusement is to keep someone entertained.

The definition of entertainment is based on the idea that it is the activity that occupies attention in a pleasant manner. Usually, this is achieved through a funny joke or story that makes people laugh. The point of entertainment is to divert attention from laborious activities and serious thoughts. Essentially, amusement is anything that entices and distracts people. The goal of entertainment is to make people feel good and enjoy their leisure time.