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Entertaiment is any activity designed to create an enjoyable atmosphere for a group of people. It may be as simple as a movie or a night of dancing, but it should have the right music and other elements to capture the audience’s attention. Whether the activity is humorous or serious, it should have the right tone and mood to be effective. Entertainers are often the focus of newspaper and television headlines.


Entertaiment is an abbreviation used in the entertainment industry. It is generally used in headlines, and is rarely used in general prose. It is also abbreviated as entmt. Its meaning is as follows: entertainment is anything that captivates the audience.

Entertaiment can range from the simple spectacle of a film to the excitement of dancing. Whatever form of entertainment is used, the key is to make it fun and memorable for the audience. It is also essential to choose an entertainer with the right sense of humor and the ability to win over the audience. Entertainers often go by the abbreviation entmt, and the term is often used in newspaper headlines and on television news.