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A daily news article is a regular piece of information that is updated regularly. It is a way to keep up with the current events in a world that changes quickly. It may contain breaking news, world news or even local news that is occurring in a city or town. These articles can be found in many places, including the newspaper and online. They are also often featured on television.

This category of podcast has experienced strong growth in the past year, and in the latest Digital News Report from our sister company Acast it accounts for 2% of all news podcasts in the US and 3% in Europe. While this may seem small in absolute terms, the growth is significant. The coronavirus pandemic fueled demand for timely news coverage and prompted more publishers to launch new shows. Some examples of these include the relaunch of NPR’s All Things Considered as a daily round-up podcast, and Swedish Radio’s decision to split its Ekot podcast feed into two parts: one featuring longer, in-depth news stories published a few times a day, and another feeding short bulletins for smart speakers.

Regardless of the format, most of these shows are produced by large media groups. This is in part due to their ability to promote the content and in part because they can rely on their scale to get distribution on third-party platforms. The largest publishers also have the advantage of being able to use their own channels to cross-promote the content – a crucial element in gaining discovery in an increasingly crowded space.

To compete with the big players smaller publishers need to think hard about who they are writing for and how they can make their content unique. Asking questions like what age group are they writing for, where is the audience located, what do they want from the news and why? This will help them develop an angle that can give their story the edge.

It is also important to consider how they can reach the hardest-to-reach audiences, especially if they are paying for their podcast. This could involve partnerships with the large on-demand platform operators, which are able to promote shows to specific audiences, or by focusing on the niches of a particular region or topic. The UK has a good example of this in the case of The Times, which launched its daily news podcast in collaboration with Wireless, the operator of Talk Radio (which owns the Times). This approach brings both professional studios and commercial expertise to bear on producing a high-quality show that stands out in a very competitive market.