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CUNY Law Announces New Laws

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A law is an official rule or regulation that governs behavior within a society or country. Laws are created through legislation, which is the process of proposing and passing laws by Congress or another legislative body. Laws are also known as statutes. A law may be amended or changed by the legislature at any time. The legislative process for making new laws starts with a policy idea. These ideas can come from any source, including a senator’s constituents, an organization calling for a new law, or a State official.

A group of Access-A-Ride participants filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Transit Authority today for discrimination over practices that do not provide equitable access to transit services. Clinic students representing the plaintiffs worked on this case as part of a larger class that is exploring the role of governmental agencies in financial services law.

The Dispute Resolution team won first runner-up at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris. The team was represented by Natalie Klein ’24 and Austin LaBorwit ’23.

This week, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection released its draft proposal to rewrite its rules on greenhouse gas emissions from heavy equipment. The proposed revisions would require that new and used vehicles be certified by an independent third party to ensure they meet the state’s strict emissions standards.

In California, the Governor made it harder for big oil to fleece consumers at the pump by giving his energy commissioner the power to penalize refineries that commit acts of price gouging and creating a state watchdog to investigate market manipulation. This is just the latest of several efforts by the Governor to hold big oil accountable.

NYLS Celebrates Its 131st Commencement

Dean and President Anthony W. Crowell welcomed graduates, family members and friends to the 131st NYLS commencement exercises. The ceremony was followed by a reception.

NYLS Celebrates Alumni

The Congressional Consumer and Civil Justice Clinic and the Criminal Law Clinic took trips to Washington, DC, to advocate for their clients on issues in Congress this semester. Read about their work and experiences in our blog post.

CUNY Law is pleased to welcome Professor Heidi Brown as Associate Dean for Upper Level Writing and Faculty of Legal Writing, effective August 1. As the associate dean, Brown will focus on helping students meet the modern writing demands of their future careers in practice.

A alumna from the Patent Law Clinic secured a U.S. patent for her client, Ashley Sommer, a medical device designer. The firm’s client, a patient with diabetes, was able to develop a portable glucose monitoring system to help her better manage her condition.

A federal appeals court reinstated an Indiana law adopted in 2016 that requires abortion clinics to either bury or cremate fetal remains. The ruling is a setback to opponents of the law, who argue that it violates women’s rights and imposes an unwarranted burden on abortion providers. The Appeals Court decision means that the Supreme Court will not review the law before it takes effect in November.