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Business News and UI/UX Designer at Business News Daily

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business news

Business news is a genre of journalism that covers the economic and financial activities of businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs. The purpose of business news is to inform the general public about these business activities, as well as hold those in high-level positions accountable for their actions. Business news also helps people make informed decisions about the companies they invest in and work for.

Business journalists may write articles or stories for print publications, or they may create scripts for radio or television newscasts. They often conduct interviews with executives, entrepreneurs, or other business leaders to gather information for their articles and reports. The most prominent business news outlets include CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg News.

The history of business journalism dates back to the Middle Ages, when small business owners would communicate news about trades and other important events in their communities through meetings or written newsletters. It was not until around 1700 that Daniel Defoe, author of the famous novels Robinson Crusoe and Moby Dick, published the first newspaper to focus on business news. Since then, numerous news outlets have focused on the world of commerce and economy, including The Wall Street Journal, which is regarded as one of the most influential newspapers in the United States.

Aside from the traditional business news outlets, there are a number of online resources that provide news and analysis on the latest in global business trends and developments. Forbes, for example, is a global media company that focuses on business, investing, technology, leadership, and lifestyle. The Financial Times is another prominent source of business news, providing global coverage and commentary on the current state of the economy.

The business news industry has been evolving rapidly in recent years, as more and more people access online content on a daily basis. The internet has given rise to numerous business news websites that have become some of the most popular sources of news for both consumers and businesses alike. These online business news sites provide up-to-date information on the latest business developments and trends, as well as offer advice and guidance to those who are looking to start their own businesses.

As senior UI/UX designer at Business News Daily, Kevin Hannon is responsible for the branding and product interface ideation, design, iteration, and testing. With over 20 years of design experience, Kevin has worked in various industries, including education, telehealth, finance, and retail, with previous clients ranging from TripAdvisor to CVS Health. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in fine arts and a certification in UX design from General Assembly. He currently oversees data pipelines and models, self-service dashboards, and analyses to support all teams at BND. He loves helping people grow their business, and enjoys collaborations that empower colleagues with actionable data. Outside of the office, he is an avid traveler and enjoys spending time with his family. He also volunteers with local nonprofits, assisting visually impaired individuals.